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JULY 2018 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 31 can then take the information they have which is a problem and pass it back as recommenda- tions in a nice and timely manner then they're going to be happy. Las Marias: Do you have something to add to that, Jason? Keeping: I was just going to complement what both you and Bob were saying a second ago. That's the whole thing about continuous improvement. You need to give the feedback from the doers that they understand what the challenges are with the equipment or process they are doing. Then you have the leadership that's looking at when you go to APEX or the fall meetings. What's the new equipment and what are their capabilities? Is there something that is something new that now will help to address one of those issues that's been identified? Then you start doing those evaluations so that you can look at what's the new equip- ment that's coming? Does it meet or does it not address those situations that you already know we have to make things work better? That's the best practice, not just by having continu- ous improvement, but by having communica- tion with the right and appropriate people. Las Marias: Do you have any final comments? Willis: As a magazine and a group of maga- zines, you guys keep on doing what you're doing because I think you're very professional, and you have a very varied output. I've always been impressed when I've worked with your team before. You just keep on doing what you're doing , as Curtis Mayfield said all those years ago. Las Marias: Thank you very much for that. Jason? Keeping: I just second what Bob just said, and I just really appreciate and admire that you actu- ally are talking to the doers and users like Bob and myself, real people in the industry and getting that ground level up review of actually how things are happening, and now writing about it. That's admirable, it's great and I like reading your articles. Las Marias: Great, thank you very much for your kind words. Willis: No problem. Keeping: Thanks. SMT007 Editor's Note: All photos, except that of Bob Willis, are courtesy of Celestica Inc. You may reach Bob Willis by clicking here.

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