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52 SMT007 MAGAZINE I AUGUST 2018 Now, we have taken the Analyst concept and brought it to our process control system. We've been selling what we call the Kyzen PCS for 20 years or so. These are tried and true machines out there doing their job, not only monitoring but controlling the water chemical balance of these aqueous systems. When we brought out this idea of data collection, curating and information, as well as a data-rich display locally to the PCS, it received tremendous acceptance; people are very pleased with it. It's been one of the very best introductions we've ever had. Las Marias: This data-driven approach must offer a much more comprehensive and even continuous result, right? Forsythe: Absolutely. Previously, when people check for the concentration once or twice a shift, it was difficult. Data that's virtually continuous is different from checking once or twice a shift. There are several parameters, not just the concentration. But when you bring the Analyst to the PCS, it monitors 30-40 different parameters, and that paints a complete picture. From an archival perspective, customers having an audit may need to go back and prove that the cleaning process was as it should be for that a shift or whatever time they need to audit. They can go back and within minutes, rather than days, touch that information and see a very clear picture of what was going on. And that is a tremendous value add because it's not just one number in a log book; it's dozens of different data points in and around that wash system that demonstrates, "Hey, we were doing our jobs!" Las Marias: Even without incidents in the line, you can go home assured that your cleaning system will have a stable concentration throughout. Forsythe: That's right—the beauty of it. What the PCS has brought for many years, with data services now, enhances this idea of a very robust and stable process that now has better documentation than ever before. The nuts and bolts of the process really aren't very different; but the world is data-driven today. And we have taken on the challenge of bringing cleaning into that data-driven, data- rich environment. And it's because everything is that way, I guess it's not all that surprising that people like it. Las Marias: What advice can you give our readers when it comes to their cleaning process? Forsythe: There are a couple of things. One is to make sure that it's meeting their needs. If you are already cleaning, is your process optimized? Do you have the rich data experience? Are you comfortable with your value equation— value not being deemed as a cost per gallon—

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