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60 FLEX007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2018 1 EPTE Newsletter: Thinner and Lighter Printed Circuits E Cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturers can generate less than 10 nanometer traces on silicon chips. Compared to integrated circuit (IC) chips, the fine pattern capabilities from PCB manufacturers are three orders lower while flex circuit manufacturers are generating patterns finer than 15 microns on polyimide films using a reel-to-reel process. 2 Trouble in Your Tank: Flexible Metalization, Part II E The main concern about electroless copper on polyimide material is the creation of a void caused by peeling or blistering. Often, fabricators resort to double-passing the circuits through the electroless copper process hoping the second pass will cover the void and prevent further blistering. 3 Institute of Circuit Technology Hayling Island Seminar E After an extreme summer heat wave had left trees dehydrated and struggling to morph into their customary display of reds and golds, the leaves were brown and brittle as the great and good of the UK printed circuit board industry crossed the bridge from the mainland of the south coast of England to Hayling Island for the autumn seminar of the Institute of Circuit Technology on September 20, 2018. 4 Standard of Excellence: Working for the Future—Partnering with PCB Vendors on Innovative Technology E The true test of the vendor- customer relationship comes when you need innovative PCBs that are not easily found in the marketplace and are so tech- nologically advanced they require your designers and suppliers to work together. Mike Carano Anaya Vardya Mike Carano Bill Wilkie

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