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38 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2018 • Regular attendees: 8–14 • Meetings per year: Four during lunch • Leaders: Five core executive chapter members • Successes: New members being brought in through local CID/CID+ training; hopefully, this will continue with the formation of a new Altium user group following chapter meetings • Phoenix, Arizona: Stephen Chavez and Paul Fleming • Status: Dormant • Leaders: Four core executive chapter members (seeking new leadership to take over) • Meetings per year: None currently (but typically, four) Research Triangle Park (RTP), North Carolina: Tony Cosentino and Randy Faucette • Status: Strong • Regular attendees: 30 • Meetings per year: Three to four during the evening • Leaders: Nine core executive chapter members • Events: Annual PCB Carolina event with 700–1,000 attendees Monterrey, Mexico: Luis Saracho • Status: Active • Regular attendees: 8–12 • Meetings per year: Four during the evening with technical presentations • Design Council Chapter France (DCCF): Thomas Romont • Status: Active • Regular attendees: 34–60 • Successes: Professional presentations and workshops, design community surveys • Events: February 2018 was the first DCCF conference in Paris (IPC Day Design) Penang, Singapore, and Philippines Chapters: Cheah Soo Lan • Status: Active • Regular Attendance: 73 (Penang), 30 (Singapore), 14 (Philippines) • Successes: CID and CID+ certifications • Events: Plant visits (Singapore) Education New IPC Edge 2.0 Program • Mandatory testing • Required 80% to pass • Must score 16 out of 20 or higher • Must take the same test for each IPC certification Upcoming Activities at a Glance Two-day hands-on power integrity workshop: Steve Sandler • December 3–4, 2018 • Santa Clara, California • Registration: click here • Contact Lucy Iantosca at Sierra Circuits for details IPC APEX EXPO 2019 • January 26–31: Meetings and courses • January 29–31: Conference and exhibition • January 31–February 2: IPC Designer Certification CID/CID+ • San Diego, California • DesignCon 2019 • January 29–31 • Santa Clara, California • Next month will cover the upcoming IPC APEX EXPO in late January and highlight the San Diego Chapter. DESIGN007 Steph Chavez is a member of the IPC Designers Council Executive Board and chairman of the communications subcommittee. To read past columns or contact Chavez, click here.

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