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4 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2019 JANUARY 2019 • FEATURED CONTENT The Electronic Component Shortage Crisis: A Veteran Engineer's Perspective by John Watson, CID Natasha Baker: Supply Chain Transparency Inside the CAD Tool Interview by Nolan Johnson Digi-Key's Dave Doherty: Tweaking the Supply Chain Interview by Nolan Johnson and Andy Shaughnessy Carl Schattke on Stackup Design and Managing the Component Shortage Interview by Andy Shaughnessy The component shortage is getting crazy. Some PCB designers are finding their favorite capacitors on 50-week and 80-week lead times, or worse. How do you design a board today when the components you need won't be available for a year or more? But don't expect any sympathy from component suppliers; they've watched their profit margins continue to shrink over the years, and in their eyes, the OEMs have been reaping the rewards. Where does this leave you and your next design? This month, we asked our expert contributors to explain the current component shortage, as well as some of the workarounds that can help you get your next design out the door sooner rather than later. The Supply Chain Shortage 10 18 24 34 34 18 24 10

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