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38 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2019 Ventec's Marketing Strategy and Their Newly Appointed Technology Ambassador E At electronica 2018, Mark Goodwin, chief opera- ting officer at Ventec International Group, dis- cusses the company's marketing strategy along with their newly appointed technology ambass- ador, Alun Morgan, and how he sees the world. Unimicron Says ABF Substrate Demand Remains Robust E Demand for ABF (ajinomoto build-up film) substrates continues to be s t r o n g w h i l e demand for other IC substrate and PCB products is being affected by seasonal factors, according to Unimicron Technology. Flexible Thinking: Achieving Continuous Flexible Circuit Innovation E Since their introduction, flexible circuits have continued a steady climb from relative obscurity to center stage in the world of electronic interconnections. Today, they are among the most popular choice for solving challenging electronic interconnection problems. Those who use this technology on a regular basis are familiar with the many reasons for the popularity of flex. Upcoming 2019 Trade Show Season in the USA E A look back at Dan Feinberg's predictions made a year ago, and a preview of what we might see at CES 2019 along with some new projections. CES—the first, largest, and most influential and predictive of global electronics trends of this group of trade shows. Flex Talk: The Myth About Rigid-flex Costs E Do you cringe when you think of the option of rigid-flex? It is not an uncommon reaction when talking with designers and engineering managers about using rigid-flex to solve a packaging problem. Why? The most frequent answer is, "They are so expensive." While it is true that a rigid-flex PCB is typically more expensive on the surface when compared to rigid-board solutions with cables and connectors, a lot is being missed with that mindset. It's Only Common Sense: The "It" Factor— Are You a Dedicated Salesperson? E As 2018 ends and the new year is almost upon us, we should all do a little soul searching and self-evaluation; a tune-up to make sure that we still have "it." We should strive to find the "it factor" that makes us great salespeople, causes us to wake up every morning ready to go and make those sales, and drives us to be successful even when we don't feel like it. The Shape of Things to Come: Curved, Flexible, Stretchable, and Three-Dimensional Electronics E The seamless integration of electronics into flexible, curved, and even stretchable surfaces is being requested for several markets, such as automotive (dashboards, lighting, sensors), smart buildings (lighting facades, air quality, solar panels), medical (health patches, X-ray, analysis), and smart clothing (position tracking, sports). FLEX 2019 and MSTC to Highlight SMART MedTech, Transpo and IoT E Flexible and printed electronics innovations and autonomous mobility sensors will take center stage as more than 700 attendees gather for 120 market and technical presentations, 70 exhibits and four short courses at the co-located FLEX 2019 and MEMS & Sensors Technical Congress (MSTC) in Monterey, California, February 18-21, 2019.

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