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6 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2019 SHORTS: How Game Theory Can Bring Humans and Robots Closer Together Batteries—Solid-liquid Interface Disposable Health Patch to Measure Vital Signs Programming Light on a Chip Atomic-scale Binary Logic Could Power Faster, More Energy-efficient Electronics Design Tool Helps Inspire Flexible Electronics for Smart Everyday Objects Powering Up Fuel Cells HIGHLIGHTS: PCB007 MilAero007 Top 10 PCBDesign007 ARTICLE: The Effects of Meshed Reference Planes on Interconnects by Yuriy Shlepnev COLUMNS: Beating Supply Chain Blues by Andy Shaughnessy 10 Fundamental Rules of High-speed PCB Design, Part 5 by Barry Olney Cascade Chapter and 2019 Activities by Steph Chavez, CIT, CID+ Embedding Components, Part 7: Semiconductor Placement and Termination Methodologies by Vern Solberg A Job Worth Doing by Tim Haag Selecting the Right Board Thickness— A PCB Designer's Balancing Act by Bob Tise and Dave Baker Getting the Best Performance from Encapsulation Resins by Alistair Little DEPARTMENTS: Career Opportunities Events Calendar Advertiser Index & Masthead 76 8 40 50 56 62 66 70 89 96 97 17 22 48 54 69 73 84 38 74 86 JANUARY 2019 • ADDITIONAL CONTENT 70

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