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JANUARY 2019 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 53 meetings trying (traffic sucks here, which is difficult), and then lunch meetings, which both proved to be challenging. They have given away wonderful door prizes such as IPC standards, Prototron's "Solder Mask Sampler," books from Dock Brown and Douglas G. Brooks, and field solvers from Polar Instruments. What will it take for you to step up and own your time and continued education as a designer? Presentations There have been some amazing topics covered these last two years (including some by myself) [1]: • "Flex Printed Circuit Fabrication" Jerome Larez, MicroConnex (December 2018) • "Achieving Cleanliness for High- reliability Boards" Dock Brown, CRE (September 2018) • "DFM and DFT, Part 2—The Risk-Cost Factor Defined and Quantified!" Cherie Litson (June 2018) • "DFM and DFT—How to Reduce Your Costs!" Cherie Litson (March 2018) • "Copper Roughness and How Roughness-related Loss is Calculated in Their Si9000e Field Solvers" Geoffrey Hazelett, Polar Instruments (November 2017) • "Understanding the Variables of Dielectric Constant for PCB Materials Used at Microwave Frequencies" Dale Doyle, Rogers Corporation (July 2017) • "Component Library Roundtable Discussion" Group discussion (May 2017) • "Common Fabrication Concerns and Dealing with Today's Controlled Impedances" Mark Thompson, Prototron Circuits (January 2017) • "The History of Signal Integrity Issues on PCBs—Four Stages of Problems and Solutions" Douglas G. Brooks, Ph.D. (November 2016) • "Design for Reliability" Dock Brown, CRE (September 2016) • "Trace and Via Currents and Temperatures—The Story that Grew and Grew!" Douglas G. Brooks, Ph.D. (May 2016) The Future More great subjects and presentations are being planned right now. Some of our officers are getting busy with work and would like to have others step up this year and take on some of the responsibilities. We're looking for a new webmaster and anyone else with ideas. We'd Jan. 31–Feb. 3: San Diego, CA Aug. 6–9: Baltimore, MD Jan. 31–Feb. 3: San Diego, CA Feb. 26–Mar. 1: Manchester, NH Aug. 26–29: Markham, ON April 16–19: Markham, ON March 5–8: Santa Clara, CA Sept. 6–9: Santa Clara, CA Sept. 6–9: Santa Clara, CA March 19–22: Kirkland, WA Sept. 19–22: Schaumburg, IL Sept. 10–13: Kirkland, WA April 30–May 3: Schaumburg, IL Oct. 29–Nov. 1: Anaheim, CA Sept. 19–22: Schaumburg, IL May 21–24: Pittsburgh, PA Nov. 2–5: Raleigh, NC Oct. 29–November 1: Anaheim, CA June 18–21: Kirkland, WA Nov. 2–5: Raleigh, NC Nov. 26–29: Manchester, NH 2019 Training and Certification Schedule IPC Certified Interconnect Designer (CID) IPC Advanced Certified Interconnect Designer CID+

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