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8 FLEX007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2019 I've often wondered, "Are other industries like ours? Do people in, say, the food industry worry about "graying" and the need for young engineers and designers (think food packag- ing)? Do they get excited over new technol- ogy and argue passionately over specs? Do they work weekends, teach classes and webi- nars, spend endless hours of their own time on documents, write white papers, etc., all for the good of the industry? Do they work with their competitors to improve the industry via standards and specifications as we do? Would their companies approve of or embrace the networking opportunities at industry events? Do they do this even though they may be well past the traditional retirement age and not only do not have to work but often do this gratis?" As part of the Hall of Fame Council, I am privileged to talk with many who are just as I have described above—and more. Plus, there are many other the giants in our industry not yet so honored—including a few with upcom- ing awards at IPC APEX EXPO (names still under wraps to be revealed at the conference) where they will receive some of the high- est honors because of their tireless volunteer efforts. These people are positively passionate about their work in the industry and totally dedicated to it. But I'm off the subject which, of course, is flex. This month, it's about thinking and designing in three dimensions, so let's focus a bit on that. This issue is especially for the designer who is starting on flex and rigid-flex and trying to visualize going from flat circuits to a finished product that is, well, any shape that can be imagined. How do you look at a flat circuit and know that it will fit into that tiny, odd-shaped box it is designated for? Let's find out. We start with an article by Altium's Ben Jor- dan with much good information and advice on designing flex and rigid-flex circuitry for a specific configuration. With the use of a com- mercially available design tool with 3D-enabled software, one can confidently, as he says in so many words, "Jump in and design from the get-go in the foldable 3D environment." Next, Elmatica's Jan Pedersen provides a light-hearted discussion, reminiscing on learn- ing how to build a three-dimensional circuit including using "paper dolls" and the often many iterations to reach the desired outcome. He gets down to the nitty-gritty with a long list of tips to be mindful of during design. Joe Fjelstad, Verdant Electronics, supplies a few lessons in designing three dimensional- flex circuits based on his experiences and lists some takeaways for those just starting. In an interview with TTM's Clay Zha and Winnie Ng, they discuss the differences in Patty's Perspective by Patty Goldman, I-CONNECT007 Passionate People

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