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90 FLEX007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2019 1 Increasing Productivity for Flex Fabricators E Barry Matties and Nolan Johnson of I-Connect007 met with Shane Noel and industry veteran Mike Jennings of ESI to dis- cuss the introduction of their CapStone laser tool, a product aimed at dou- bling their flex circuit fab- ricators' throughput. Mike also shares advice for fabricators who are looking to move into the ever-growing flex market. 2 EPTE Newsletter: Exotic Materials for Flexible Circuits E Wearable technology is common in the electronics industry and is expected to be a profitable category for the next generation of electronics. Flexible circuits are the most significant packaging materials for wearable devices including medical and healthcare devices. 3 Standard of Excellence: Preparing Your Vendors for the Future E Now, it's time to talk about the future with your PCB vendors. Referring to our previous columns, if you've done everything right so far, you will now have a strong working relationship with your PCB supplier. They understand all they need to know to fabricate perfect boards for you at this time. With trust and respect between you, you've truly formed a strong partnership going into the future. 4 Subtrates for Advanced PCB Technologies: What Will the Future Hold? E The UK chapter of the global IMAPS commu- nity of electronics and microelectronic packag- ing engineers shared a wealth of knowledge and wisdom about PCB substrate technology trends, developments, and future requirements in a webinar on the first of November. Shane Noel Anaya Vardya

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