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JANUARY 2019 I FLEX007 MAGAZINE 91 5 EPTE Newsletter: Sputtering or Chemical Plating? E More than 20 years ago, material manufacturers competed with each other to develop adhesiveless cop- per-clad laminates for the next generation of flexible circuits. These technologies were categorized into two types: a casting and laminating process, and the metallization of polyimide films. 6 It's Only Common Sense: Tips for Attending Trade Shows E As we near 2019 and the upcoming trade show sea- son, Dan Beaulieu discusses some of the best ways to get the most use from your hard-earned trade show spending. 7 Punching Out! Creating PCB Industry Giants and Mid-majors Through Acquisitions E Summit Interconnect announced the acquisi- tion of Streamline Circuits. Summit itself was created in 2016 through the merger of KCA and Marcel, and is backed by a private equity firm. In the PCB and PCBA industry, TTM Technologies is the giant King Kong of acquisitions, growing from just $80 million in revenues 20 years ago to over $3 bil- lion today. 8 Powerful Prototypes: The Future of PCB Designs E I designed my first PCB using tape and etch-resist pens from RadioShack. I penciled the schematic on graph paper, drew the lay- out directly onto the single- sided copper-plated board, and then etched it in my parents' garage. 9 150+ Years of Experience: Reflections with Three Industry Icons E You would be h a rd - p re s s e d to find a more k n o w l e d g e - able and expe- rienced group than that of Gary Ferrari, Gene Weiner, and Happy Holden. In a brief interview with Barry Matties, these three industry icons consider the past, present, and future state of electronics manufacturing while also offering advice to the newest gen- eration of manufacturers. J Stephen Chavez: Breaking the Design Data Bottleneck E In this interview, PCB designer and EPTAC design instructor Steph Chavez explains some of the biggest issues related to good design data hand- off, and he offers some ways forward. For the Latest Flex News and Information, Visit: Flex007 Dominique Numakura Duane Benson Dan Beaulieu Tom Kastner Weiner, Holden, and Ferrari

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