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52 I-CONNECT007 I REAL TIME WITH... IPC APEX EXPO 2019 SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE We're hoping to release two additional prod- ucts this year. One is an accessory to our cur- rent product, and the other one is a standalone product. The TheoryBoard is a great-looking device. I also have some background in artsy videography and graphic designing from when I was younger, so it's a very aesthetically pleas- ing device. We went into it with product design as a huge priority. We wanted to make it look good. Goldman: Would you prefer that STEM be called STEAM (science, technology, engineer- ing, arts, and math? O'Hair: No, I wouldn't. I think it should be left out, but even if you're involved in STEM, you should have an artistic side. You should be well rounded. I think it should just be a part of the territory of being creative. Goldman: Changing subjects a bit, I understand there's a new IPC Student Chapter at your school. O'Hair: Yes, I think we're number one on the entire list. Goldman: How did that come about? Was it through your connection with Professor Moyer? O'Hair: Yes, it was 100% through him. I think he spoke with people at IPC, and they said, "You're a professor. Let's start something." Goldman: And it all connected. O'Hair: Yeah. And he's very motivated to get it going, so that's definitely the driving force. Goldman: I believe John Mitchell's announce- ment today means it has officially started. Do you have anyone in your chapter? O'Hair: Yes, we recruited people. The way this all came about was we were in a circuit board design class with Professor Moyer, and he recruited from there. I said, "Sure, I'll be a part of it." We started talking more for 10 minutes

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