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56 I-CONNECT007 I REAL TIME WITH... IPC APEX EXPO 2019 SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE Fullwood: The last 19 years I was the techni- cal director for WKK—the technical marketing arm of the Wong's company in Hong Kong. Goldman: So, just over half of your time in Asia was with WKK. What other companies did you work with? Fullwood: I started with Wong's PTH, and took them from single-sided through double-sided and multilayers. I went from there to Singa- pore and was responsible for building the Data General facility—129,000 square feet. I took a slight sabbatical in Portugal to build a PCB factory for the Portuguese government. Let's just say that they didn't like Englishmen and Americans, so I went back to Asia in the Philip - pines. There was a double-sided and multilayer facility in the Philippines—79,000 square feet. From there, I finally ended up back with WKK. Goldman: Now, how about your involvement with IPC? Fullwood: That started in either '63 or '64; I can't remember exactly. I think it was '64 where I started going to meetings every year while in the U.S. When I was in Asia—the period until coming back to WKK, which was in the early '90s—I didn't have time for it. There was too much involvement, but since then, I've been actively involved in IPC. Even when I retired, I did a fair amount until personal things took priority. Goldman: What areas in IPC and what sort of committees and subcommittees were you involved with? Fullwood: All the way from placing technol- ogy to photoresist; photoresist was a real key with me. As technology progressed into HDI, I chaired and published the initial handbook on HDI technology in the '90s. I would say that was my critical interest because my graduate work ended up basically being polymer chem- istry and engineering, so a lot of my work has been involved in that. Over the years, I have authored 37 technical papers or publications, and I have four patents. So, it has been a fairly fun period, and I have enjoyed my career all my life. It hasn't been a "I have to support the family" situation. I really love the work. Goldman: And you were also chairman of some committees or subcommittees? Fullwood: Yes; for example, 2221, 2222, 2226, etc. Goldman: What advice would you give to peo- ple who are just starting to get interested and involved in committee work? Fullwood: With committee work, you don't always see the results of it right away like you do when you're working on a project in the lab or something like that. But when you start seeing the generation of a document that is able to transform the technology, then it really is fun. Goldman: I agree. Also, I always tell people, "You can make an actual contribution. As long as you don't just sit there like a bump, your thoughts, help, and time are worthwhile. You can have an effect." Fullwood: It's like the old adage; if you are only looking out for yourself and look inward, you don't grow very much. But as you look Hamed El-Abd, Lionel Fullwood, and Gene Weiner.

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