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MAY 2019 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 61 for learning more about the PCB interconnect industry from design through manufacturing is helping designers by igniting their passion for learning and expanding their knowledge and skills to keep current in this challenging, ever- changing profession. Scott McCurdy is the director of sales and marketing at Freedom CAD Services Inc. Visit to download The Printed Circuit Designer's Guide to… Executing Complex PCBs written by Scott Miller from Freedom CAD Services as well as other free, educational titles. ___________________________ IPC DC Executive Board The IPC DC Executive Board and the IPC Ed- ucation Foundation met March 28 to continue to integrate and work toward common goals. Several topics were discussed, including: • Local IPC DC chapter activities • Updating the current IPC DC webpage • Expanding IPC College Chapters and the Education Foundation's role in increasing the education sector of IPC • The new online PCB design course class being offered by IPC Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to collaborate for the betterment of our industry. 2019 Training and Certification Schedule IPC Certified Interconnect Designer (CID) • May 21–24: Pittsburgh, PA • June 18–21: Kirkland, WA • August 6–9: Baltimore, MD • August 26–29: Markham, ON • September 6–9: Santa Clara, CA • September 19–22: Schaumburg, IL • October 21–24: Anaheim, CA • November 2–5: Raleigh, NC • November 5–8: Dallas, TX IPC Advanced Certified Interconnect Designer CID+ • September 6–9: Santa Clara, CA • September 10–13: Kirkland, WA • September 19–22: Schaumburg, IL • October 21–24: Anaheim, CA • November 2–5: Raleigh, NC • December 3–6: Manchester, NH Note: Dates and locations are subject to change. Contact EPTAC Corporation to check current dates and availability. A minimum enrollment of seven students is required for a class to be held. PCB Design Events Realize LIVE • June 10–13, 2019: Detroit, MI PCB2Day • Controlling noise, EMI, and signal integrity in high-speed circuits and PCBs • June 13–14: Boston (Chelmsford), MA IPC SummerCom • Standards development committee meetings featuring Panelpalooza • June 15–20: Raleigh, NC PCB West 2019 • September 9–11: Santa Clara, CA AltiumLive 2019 • October 9–11: San Diego, CA The IPC Designers Council is an interna- tional network of designers. Its mission is to promote printed circuit board design as a pro- fession and to encourage, facilitate, and pro- mote the exchange of information and inte- gration of new design concepts through com- munications, seminars, workshops, and pro- fessional certification through a network of local chapters. DESIGN007 Stephen Chavez is a member of the IPC Designers Council Executive Board and chairman of the communications subcommittee. To read past columns or contact Chavez, click here.

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