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MAY 2019 I PCB007 MAGAZINE 119 5 AT&S Demonstrates Efficiency and Robustness of Embedded Power Technology E To improve the efficiency in modern cars on the way to electromobility and in challenging industrial power conversion applications, the power density has to be increased without lim- itations on performance and reliability. 6 The Right Approach: The New Frontier of Manufacturing E While M2M and H2M con- nectivity are the primary fo- cus of Industry 4.0, the true underlying benefit of Indus- try 4.0 comes in the form of machine-to-business (M2B) connectivity or the "ma- chine-as-a-service" concept. This is changing the way we purchase equipment. 7 The PCB Norsemen: A PCB Broker's Guide Through the Galaxy of Automation E A smart factory is defined by its ability to harness manufacturing data flowing throughout the enterprise and then convert that data into intelligent information that can be used to create improvements in productivity, efficiency, sav- ings, yields, automation, enabled traceability, compliance, and reduced risk of errors and rework. All of these items are crucial factors when manufacturing printed circuits. 8 Advance Your Company Through Automation E Yash Sutariya discusses with Patty Goldman the labor short- age he has experienced in the Detroit area, the impact auto- mation can have in the man- ufacturing process, and other strategies to advance your company. 9 University Students Point to the Future in Their Research E Cutting-edge automation, AI, machine learn- ing, and Industry 4.0 are all part of the re- sponse to the increasing demands for printed circuit boards that are not only faster, smaller, and cheaper but also higher-frequency, lower- loss, more temperature tolerant, and higher re- liability. In many cases, it will be unique and advanced research coming out of the univer- sity system that will help move the industry forward. J Stacked Microvia Reliability: Ongoing Work and Upcoming IPC Conference E One year ago, Happy Holden's review of the 2018 IPC High-Reliability Forum reported the presentation of J.R. Strickland and Jerry Magera who described research at MSI Applied Technol- ogy into overcoming the risk of stacked micro- via failures escaping standard quality assurance procedures. Their report provided a basis for the IPC white paper IPC-WP-023, which addressed reliability issues associated with stacked micro- vias and included data collected from several other printed circuit manufacturers. For the Latest PCB News and Information, Visit: PCB007.com Yash Sutariya Jan Pedersen Steve Williams

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