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JUNE 2019 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 25 Relatable Industry 4.0 is transforming the manufactur- ing process by improving metrics like first-pass yield and throughput thanks to the applica- tion of autonomous process adjustments. Far beyond an automatic line changeover, this line communication is allowing the equipment to automatically adjust production parameters to increase board quality and lower costs by elim- inating rework and scrap. Koh Young facilitates this communication with a software suite called KSMART, which is the foundation for its smart factory optimiza- tion. KSMART collects all inspection and mea- surement data from the equipment in a line or factory, and then provides the data anywhere within the network with an intuitive, web- based user interface. Repeatable Koh Young Technology is working with printer and mounter partners as collaborators within the various communication standards to achieve total communication and stream- line the surface-mount line for a zero-defect end goal. The connectivity solution exchanges real-time SPI and AOI measurement data with other machines in the production line, feeding real measurement data, such as offset, volume, height, area, and warnings to other systems. At the same time, it analyzes data to optimize the process and identify trends. For example, when Link@KSMART is installed on the line, the connected inspection systems automati- cally define correlations between the assembly processes steps. Enter advanced process control (APC)— a proven control and optimization technol- ogy that delivers measurable and sustainable improvements in production yield. Most engi- neers will agree that stabilizing control loops with underutilized or ineffective process time and strong process interactions are exceedingly difficult. APC helps create those stable con - trols. For example, APC can collect and analyze solder and component location data from an inspection system, and then send recommen- dations across the line to printers or mounters for automatic implementation (Figure 1). An enhanced APC solution, formed of inter- linking software modules, can actively optimize the printing process by combining real-time Figure 1: SMT line using APC with active feedback between the printer, SPI, mounter, and AOI systems.

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