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JUNE 2019 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 61 effort, material cost, and equipment time to carry out a DOE correctly. It is an investment that an organization makes in carrying out this type of exercise. The Lean Sigma champion should provide proper guidance to determine when a DOE is applicable for a Lean Sigma project. Not all Lean Sigma projects should require DOE deliverables. Keep It Agile Your company must adopt the mentality of agile project management. This concept is a great tool not only for software develop- ment but also for manufacturing and will be explored in more detail in future columns. For the purposes of this column, the mentality of agile project management requires a tactical approach of monitoring progress frequently and defining a timeline to complete planned work activities in segments. The Lean Sigma champion must adopt that mentality to accel- erate progress while monitoring performance closely. Make Everyone Accountable The old adage of holding everyone account- able needs to be reintroduced not as a puni- tive management method but as a method of self-accountability. The culture transformation using Lean Sigma will instill genuine pride in the team so that employees feel proud of what they do and of the company for which they work. This transformation allows for account- ability to be seen as a personal accomplish- ment assessment. SMT007 Alfred Macha is the president of AMT Partners. He can be reached at To read past columns or contact Macha, click here. Figure 1: Lean Sigma toolkit.

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