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OCTOBER 2019 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 105 5 Design Rule Checks Cut Down Board Respins E PCB designs commonly un- dergo multiple respins as a result of inconspicuous sig- nal integrity (SI), power in- tegrity (PI), and electromag- netic interference (EMI) vio- lations. At an average cost of nearly $28,000 per respin, ensuring that a giv- en design meets its performance, time to mar- ket, and cost goals is imperative. To help elim- inate complicated and difficult-to-diagnose layout violations, some PCB tool suites offer unique electrical design rule checks (DRC). 6 The Right Approach: A Conversation With Prototron's Van Chiem E Steve Williams recently spoke with Van Chiem, a process en- gineer with Prototron Circuits, about developing in-house flex and rigid-flex processes and capabilities at their facil- ity in Tucson, Arizona. 7 Fresh PCB Concepts: Why Material Selection Matters E When you're designing a PCB, it's standard to call out FR-4 material, but you could be holding yourself back or even exposing your board to risk by not knowing more about PCB materials. Let's take a small look into why. What Is FR-4, exactly? Harry Kennedy of NCAB explains. 8 Connect the Dots: MakeHarvard 2019—Bigger and Better! E Sunstone Circuits was ea- ger to return to MakeHar- vard as a sponsor and cre- ator of a competition catego- ry this year, also serving as both mentors and competi- tion judges. If you were there, you saw us—we were hard to miss in our bright orange vests. As mentors, we were out and about helping students and answering questions. 9 Cadence Launches Celsius Thermal Solver E Cadence Design Systems Inc. has expanded its presence in the system analysis and de- sign market with the introduction of the Ca- dence Celsius Thermal Solver, the industry's first complete electrical-thermal co-simulation solution for the full hierarchy of electronic sys- tems from ICs to physical enclosures. J CA Design's Bob Chandler on Training PCB Designers E CA Design owners Bob Chandler and his partner Robin Reynolds have worked together for many years, preaching the "gospel of Bob," which is based on the theory that all PCB designers need to be properly trained. Part of that train- ing has to include a complete understanding of the process of creating PCBs. I caught up with CTO Bob Chandler about design, training, and what we have to do to improve the designer/ fabricator relationship. for the latest circuit design news and information. focuses on the rapidly growing flexible and rigid-flex circuit market. Bob Tise Steve Williams Harry Kennedy Bob Chandler

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