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DECEMBER 2019 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 97 5 AltiumLive Frankfurt 2019: Rick Hartley Keynote E Introduced by Lawrence Ro- mine, Altium's VP of corpo- rate marketing, as a "low impedance presenter with a passion for his topic," Rick Hartley delivered the open- ing keynote at the Altium- Live 2019 European PCB Design Summit in Frankfurt, Germany. Pete Starkey provides an overview of Hartley's presentation, entitled "What Your Differential Pairs Wish You Knew." 6 Quiet Power: How Much Signal Do We Lose Due to Reflections? E We know that in the signal integrity world, reflections are usually bad. In clock networks, reflection glitch- es may cause multiple and false clock triggering. In me- dium-speed digital signal- ing, reflections will reduce noise margin, and in high-speed serializer/ deserializer (SerDes) signaling, reflections in- crease jitter and create vertical eye closure. 7 Dana on Data: The DFM/Data Transfer Process Is Broken E In a world that is showing great strides toward implementing a Factory 4.0 world, why can't a design be passed from a designer to the fabrica- tor without errors every time? Dana Korf empha- sizes moving the responsibility up in the food chain, examines key design package error cate- gories, and proposes creating a cultural change. 8 Dugan Karnazes Discusses His New Startup E Andy Shaughnessy caught up with Dugan Karnaz- es again this year and dis- cussed his new startup, Ve- locity Research, which is a one-stop shop for design made up of technical cre- atives. The Grand Rapids company is already doing design work for a variety of customers, from individuals to multinational companies. 9 Lee Ritchey on the Direction of PCB Design E Andy Shaughnessy and No- lan Johnson recently spoke with Lee Ritchey of Speed- ing Edge about the direction of PCB design. Lee also dis- cusses some of the changes that he has seen in this in- dustry over the past 40 years and some of the technological drivers that are causing designers to think more like electrical engineers than ever before. J Why Does the PCB Industry Still Use Gerber? E Ucamco has over 35 years of experience in de- veloping and supporting cutting-edge software and hardware solutions for the global PCB in- dustry. Our customers include the electronics industry's leading companies, and many of them have been with us for over 30 years. We are dedicated to our industry and excellence in everything we do, which includes our custodi- anship of the Gerber format. for the latest circuit design news and information. focuses on the rapidly growing flexible and rigid-flex circuit market. Lee Ritchey Istvan Novak Dugan Karnazes Rick Hartley

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