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20 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2020 a high school freshman, wrote, "The solder- ing was awesome. I never knew that it would be that easy. I thought that it would be super complicated, but the people there helped me out plenty." Further, Catherine, a high school junior, reported, "I really enjoyed the hands- on experience in soldering and learning more about how different companies solder compo- nents on their circuit boards." Rudolph, who is also a high school teacher volunteer for the STEM Outreach Program, emphasizes, "Students get excited about the hands-on activities and gain new ideas about what they can do with their careers. Many have no idea about what electronics careers are available." She continues, "If students are successful at school and know there are jobs available, then they are more excited about going to University." I asked Gunter du Plessis how teachers and students respond when reached about this pro- gram, and she said, "We've been receiving an overwhelming positive response from students and teachers, especially from the Career and Technical Education (CTE) front with a focus on the STEM and manufacturing tracks. Stu- dents enjoy learning from experts on how Corey Lynn, education marketing manager at IPC, adds, "We're excited that we are dou- bling the number of students who joined us last year and we're doing more activities. Last year was mainly a tour of the show floor and some light soldering. This year, we're adding to the fun." Lynn continues, "There will be a session on PCB design, including evaluating the design of the pin, by Professor Kris Moyer from Sacramento State. We'll also have a ses- sion creating circuits using a breadboard and components with Dadre Rudolph from North Country Trade Tech High School in Vista, Cal- ifornia." Further, Lynn points out, "And we're still going to solder. I just received the ship- ment of the IPC Education Foundation pin we'll be soldering. It has two leads and two resistors and was designed by Kevin Pintong from Oregon Tech." Of course, the soldering portion seems to be a student favorite. Nichola, a high school sophomore who attended the STEM Outreach Program in 2019, shared, "The hands-on expe- rience with all of the soldering was useful because if/when I get a job as an engineer, I can use the tips they gave us on how to solder bet- ter and make higher-quality products." Diego, The soldering stations are a regular highlight on STEM Outreach days.

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