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102 I-CONNECT007 I REAL TIME WITH... IPC APEX EXPO 2020 SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE members were in attendance, which demon- strates the amount of knowledge, experience, and expertise within the room. I-Connect007 publisher Barry Matties hosted the celebration, explaining that its purposes were to present this year's I-Connect007 "Good for the Industry" award, to acknowledge the contribution of the columnists and the com- mitment and dedication of the I-Connect007 team, and above all, to honour the career of Happy Holden and all of his achievements in the industry and the technology. Barry reminisced briefly on the origin and progress of his publications, from his first venture into desktop publishing in 1987, "California CircuiTree"—confessing that he didn't know the rules, so he didn't know how to break them—to the extensive global source of news and original content which I-Con- nect007 presently encompasses. He sincerely thanked the people that had worked with him to achieve it, calling them to step up to the platform so that guests could see who was who and proudly commenting that the I-Con- nect007 editorial team alone includes three IPC Hall-of-Famers. Personalised plaques, ingeniously mounted on illuminated bases, were presented by Kier- sten Rohde, I-Connect007's columnist coor- dinator, to Dan Beaulieu, Mike Carano, John Coonrod, Tara Dunn, Joe Fjelstad, Michael Ford, Jennie Hwang, Tom Kastner, Istvan Novak, Dominique Numakura, Barry Olney, Ray Prasad, Mark Thompson, and Steve Wil- liams, most of whom were able to collect them in person. (More on this elsewhere in this pub- lication.) Happy, having genially accepted his "Good for the Industry" award a few years ago, was invited to take the stage "and tell us some sto- ries." And what a stockpile of stories he had to choose from! Happy could have (and prob- ably would have) kept us entertained, amused, enthralled, and informed for the best part of a week if he had the opportunity. But he was selective and sequential and gave us a fasci- nating account of his life and career from the late 1940s until the 21 st century. Happy covered chemistry sets, model air- craft, goat's milk cheese, paleomagnetic stud- ies, oceanographic patrols, rat behaviour, his recruitment by Hewlett-Packard, the difference

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