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16 PCB007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2020 Tushingham: As soon as the situation started to evolve with COVID-19, we implemented site pandemic response teams that report up to an enterprise-wide pandemic team with over- sight by our executive team. Globally, each of our sites has a response team that imple- ments safety measures such as remote work- ing. We've been remote working since the mid- dle of March, apart from our operational staff. We are designated as an essential business, so our operations teams are busy every day, working to meet customer demands. But non- site essential staff, meaning people who don't have to be on-site, are not in the factories. For those people that are working in the factories, we were very quick to implement social-dis- tancing policies. We shut down parts of our operations that required people to work next to each other immediately and then evaluated what PPE was needed and what precautions we could take before slowly reopening those areas once we deemed it to be safe to do so. We're also performing temperature checks in our factories globally for everyone enter- ing a site, as well as wearing masks and all necessary PPE. We also immediately increased our level of cleaning, so we're putting in ex- tra cleaning staff and making sure everything's clean. That's our safety, and we are paying very close attention. Our executive team meets daily to talk about the latest guidance from the WHO and CDC, along with the various state and national guidance in the countries we op- erate in. As the situation progresses, we are starting to put together our reintegration plan, and we'll be conservative in how quickly we move people back into our facilities that aren't absolutely required to be there to maintain our supply to our customers. We also implemented a lot of procedural changes, HR-wise, in terms of benefits and things of that nature to make sure people were not feeling pressured to go into work and that we were looking at both the social and the safe- ty side. I'm very proud of the way the execu- tive team and the whole organization's come together to put our people first in this situation. Johnson: How do you feel the productivity for the teams has been after making this shift? Tushingham: There has been a slight impact, but I am pleased to say that the impact on customers has been minimal. Operationally, we've done a great job, and I can go into that in a little bit more detail when I talk about sup- ply. In terms of the non-site-essential staff, it took a bit of an adjustment to be working from home. We operated with a lot of global teams prior to the COVID-19 crisis, so we have a good amount of remote people on our teams and are used to driving progress without all being in the same room. It took an initial hit as we got used to settling into working at home, but we've picked up, and we're prioritizing actions that absolutely must get done to make sure we come out of this even stronger and putting off some of the non-essential, more administrative tasks, to be dealt with once we can focus a little bit more on those. But operationally and R&D-wise, we haven't seen any major hit because we have been able to leverage our global organization. Johnson: Do you see any trends in orders from your customer? T u s h i n g h a m : We have t h re e m a j o r b u s i n e s s areas for Advanced Con- nectivity Solutions. First i s a e ro s p a c e a n d d e - fense; that's our foun- Click image to download printable PDF of this sign.

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