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30 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2020 designer or fabricator how to approach a new and perhaps unfamiliar situation. And writ- ten notes are still great for this; they're eas- ily printed out and annotated by the reader at leisure. But increasingly, PowerPoint presenta- tions and video clips can be used to bring ap- plication notes to life (Figure 1). Each has its place, and some content suits one delivery method more than another. Some schools of thought note that different people prefer audio or video or written content for their personal learning style, so having content in several media is often preferable. However, for the content manager, this can be a night- mare to keep updated. Another alternative for designers who may prefer to mix video content with written learn- ing is to embed appropriate video within web pages (Figure 2). It is worth remembering that some readers may have a block on access to services like YouTube in a work situation, so offering the video stream from an mp4 file on the writer's website gives an alternate source for content in these situations. Timely Some notes based on engineering princi- ples stand the test of time, so it is good for the writer to make them application-agnostic—the background information depicted is timeless, with improving technology sometimes more depth needs to be added—but if the original note is well-written, then the new findings or Figure 1: Notes delivered through YouTube or streamed videos.

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