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SEPTEMBER 2020 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 53 Johnson: You must have some additional re- sources, not just the FSEs or technical support, who can get on the phone or do a video chat? Armstrong: In some of the support needs, it may have ranged from an equipment installa- tion, to a repair type of situation, or it may have been more of a programming application type of focus, where they needed some assis- tance to possibly adjust to a new product or version they were trying to run. Otherwise, they may be working through all the data col- lection issues and those types of things that would come up. It depends on the situation, but it may have required application support or more field service engineer applications. Through the infrastructure that we have with personnel, their backgrounds, and the techni- cal tools that we have to allow them to help customers, it has been quite effective. Johnson: Koh Young has been involved with inter-machine communication development, such as CFX. Does that capability change ser- viceability for the machines on the floor? What does Koh Young see in the field? Armstrong: Some of those protocols are becom- ing hot topics because of Industry 4.0 endeav- ors, and there has been a lot of activity regard- ing those things on the MES applications. And those things are being addressed. They're typi- cally easier to address from a remote scenario, but they didn't necessarily affect our ability to provide all the other services that might come into play. That's not what they're designed for, but in using a lot of the same tools that we use in implementing MES applications, it helped us to provide those other services that were needed. They're different animals but come into play in providing the support that's needed from all aspects. Johnson: Any final thoughts to wrap up? Armstrong: We've covered a lot of the areas of support that come into play, as well as the global infrastructure that sets Koh Young apart, and provides a great benefit in being able to best support our customers. I've been fortunate to have had several years living abroad in South America and handling the market there, so this has helped us focus our endeavors to best sup- port our customers in this large, complex Amer- icas market. We cover the entire Americas mar- ket, from Canada all the way down to Ushuaia, Argentina. Being able to enhance all of these capabilities, and enhance them in all these dif- ferent areas of the Americas to make the over- all operation stronger, is a key focus of the Koh Young America operation. Everything is a con- tinuous improvement project, but it is one of the things that sets our solution apart in what is a very competitive market. Johnson: Quintin, thank you for your time. This has been quite informative. Armstrong: Thank you, Nolan. I appreciate your time. It's good speaking with you. SMT007

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