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48 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2020 Presently, I suppose we are doing the best we can. I applaud all of the individuals and orga- nizations in our industry creating outstanding virtual content. In the meantime, PCEA chap- ter leaders are looking forward to planning chapter meetings that will again address all of the senses for more inspiring, collaborative, and educational experiences. Here's a taste of what they are thinking. I recently met with Stephen Chavez, PCEA chairman and member of the PCEA Phoenix chapter, as well as three PCEA chapter presi- dents: Scott McCurdy (Orange County), Tim Mullen (Seattle), and Olga Scheglov (Toronto). These leaders have been preparing for a time when we can get back to the concept of a tra- ditional local chapter meeting. Scott described past meetings where mem- bers could come together, share some food, casually converse, and catch up personally. Then, attendees would be enlightened by a guest presenter who may have brought many samples concerning the topic of discussion to be passed around the audience during the pre- sentation. He is looking forward to a restart of his argu- ably largest PCEA chapter. Scott says that a bad day for an Orange County PCEA Chapter was when 50–75 people showed up. They are used to the synergy experience when 100+ people attend and attributed it to the quality stream of sponsors and presenters in the area. Tim Mullen is preparing for local chapter meetings because he recalls the success the meetings had by bringing an abundance of electronics industry sponsors and presenters into contact with their local membership. He also mentioned that the chapter has access to a 68-seat amphitheater for their meetings and that there's no lack of sponsors and presenters. Olga Scheglov is an electrical engineer living in Toronto, who has many years of experience associating with local chapter members in Canada. She is very excited about the possibil- ity of her local chapter meeting again. Many of her colleagues—PCB designers, engineers, and technicians—are anticipating future meetings and want to network and hear how the format will evolve. I asked each of them what their wish list would be for their PCEA chapter to receive before they can again open and meet: • Scott: A four-minute video he can send to members, both new and old. • Tim: More help at the local board level to help with all the details involved in coordinating rich meetings for the members. Figure 1: From top left to bottom right, Tim Mullen, Kelly Dack, Stephen Chavez, Olga Scheglov, and Scott McCurdy.

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