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84 PCB007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2020 cam ticket defined specific requirements such as minimum annular rings and clearances, de- pending on IPC classification, copper weights, layer count, etc. And if all the requirements were not quite reached but close, it listed the type and scale of edits that the system was ap- proved to make without having to refer the job back to the customer. At the time a job was launched into the iam- cam process, there were several options for choosing the ticket: automatically from a li- brary of pre-defined specifications, set by the ERP, scripted using the characteristics of the job, or added manually. Whatever might be found to be wrong or missing in the data, there were tools available to fix it. Newington likened the situation to the crew of an aircraft carrying out a pre-flight check. The checklist made sure the data was verified and properly met the requirements before be- ing allowed to proceed to any automatic ma- nipulation or CAM processing. Minor prob- lems were put on a to-do list to be fixed man- ually using simple web-based applications and returned to the input stage of the automated workflow. Jobs shown to require serious inter- vention were re-routed to the regular CAM sys- tem. Once a job had been through iamcam pro- cessing, it was subject to rigorous analysis within the system to verify that everything had been done correctly before being qualified to receive a green light, ready to go into a pro- duction panel. Red-light jobs were obviously not candidates for automatic processing. In be- tween were jobs where, although the data had been processed correctly, they were not capa- ble of complying exactly with the definitions on the particular ticket class that had been as- signed. In such cases, it was possible to assign a ticket to a higher class and resubmit the job to the system. All became clear when Morin demonstrated a series of real-time examples with the iamcam user interface live on-screen to illustrate in de- tail the features that Newington described.

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