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JANUARY 2021 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 109 5 Elementary, Mr. Watson: Demystifying Bypass Capacitors E As PCB designers, we work under the simple rule of cause and effect, and a PCB design can quickly become a petri dish for the butterfly effect to flourish. One of those areas that can quickly snowball into major problems is your PCB power distribution structure. When it goes wrong, it usually goes very wrong and has significant issues through- out your design. 6 The Pulse: Don't Ignore DC Trace Resistance E Time flies! But the laws of physics don't. Martyn Gaud- ion focuses on how important it is becoming to take DC trace resistance into account when measuring and specifying thin copper traces. 7 IPC Releases IPC-2581 Revision C for PCB Design E IPC-2581C Generic Require- ment for Printed Board Assembly Product Manufac- turing Description Data and Transfer Methodology is the eagerly anticipated update of IPC's widely adopted global standard for PCB design through manu- facturing data flow. 8 The Digital Layout: PCEA 2020— Small Rearview Mirror, Big Windshield E In this month's forward-driving column, Kelly Dack glances back at PCEA's year in "rearview," and PCEA Chairman Stephen Chavez focuses on what lies ahead. Dack also points out some interesting events for you to consider attending. 9 Figure It Out: Closing the Gap Between College and Industry with PCEA E What is the solution for the knowledge gap between indus- try requirements and college education? Dugan Karnazes explores what PCEA is doing to inspire, educate and unite PCB designers. J Beyond Design: Simulation Slashes Iterations E The majority of high-speed digital designs take at least two iterations to develop into a working product. How- ever, multilayer boards can be designed to work right the first time with little additional effort. Barry Olney explains how design re- spins will continue to happen until designers make regular use of simulation software. for the latest circuit design news and information. focuses on the rapidly growing flexible and rigid-flex circuit market. John Watson Kelly Dack Dugan Karnazes Barry Olney Martin Gaudion

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