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26 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I FEBRUARY 2021 among several colleagues involved in the tech- nology. e data shown may not reflect the capabil- ity of all suppliers in their respective catego- ries, but supplier companies will generally fur- nish the designer with alternative design guid- ance related to their material sets and specific process capabilities. e supplier-developed interposer design guidelines will generally reflect factors derived from their experience, ensuring that they will likely furnish a reliable product with a high degree of quality and pro- cess yield. Key Planning Issues for Panel Level Packaging Assembly process methodologies will vary a great deal. Issues that will need to be resolved prior to beginning the development process include: • Availability of semiconductors prepared for face-down mounting • Establishing reliable sources for semiconductor elements • Specifying physical and environmental operating conditions • Defining package design constraints and process protocols • Stipulating electrical test method and post assembly inspection criteria Semiconductor packaging methodology will continue to evolve, and market analysts proj- ect a steady growth in semiconductor package applications. ere is presently a global effort by mem- bers of SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International) to develop standards for manufacturing panel-level packaging. e standards have already established panel size variations and thickness, as well as surface topography and panel warpage limitations. IPC is currently in the formation stage to develop a standard guidance document for an organic-based panel format that is defined as "a wiring structure produced with a printed circuit board fabrication process that provides the final electrical interface between micro- electronic devices and the underlying circuit structure." Printed circuit manufacturing pro- cess characteristics include the use of square or rectangular panels with build-up circuit layers applied to both sides of the base using organic dielectric materials. DESIGN007 Vern Solberg is an independent technical consultant specializing in SMT and microelectronics design and manufacturing tech- nology. To read past columns or contact Solberg, click here.

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