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90 I-CONNECT007 I REAL TIME WITH... IPC APEX EXPO 2021 SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE about products from a smart factory. Cur- rently, there are none available, but everyone is working on them. Without this standard, each will be different and potentially non- interchangeable. But with an IPC Standard, it is now possible that there will be commonality among digital twins. Michael Ford started the session with an explanation of IPC-2551 and the need for interoperability and the interoperability framework." is framework must have three essential features: product, manufacturing, and lifecycle. e basis for this framework is existing IPC standard IPC-2581 DPMX; a secure supply chain, IPC-1782/ 1782A; and the connected factory exchange (CFX) IPC-2591. Hemant Shah explained the DT Product part based on the IPC DPMX Product Description Data Standard. is standard defines a PCB and assembly, how it is to be built, its materi- als, features, and testability. omas Marktscheffel explained the DT Manufacturing part based on site configura- tion, work order information and product traceability, in addition to equipment and tool used and material storage locations. Radu Diaconescu explained the DT Lifecy- cle part based on the supply chain, usage char- acteristics/environments, repair and mainte- nance, subassemblies, revisions, recycle, and end-of-life management. In total, the "Digital Twin Lifecycle closes the loop between the complex physical world and the digital allow- ing for the assessment of complex scenarios and interactions," he said. S&T

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