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36 SMT007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2021 ing and distribution network to your custom- er's door. e aim is to get your supply chain working as an integrated whole to deliver out- standing value to customers and sharehold- ers. A supply chain manager who is focused on one aspect of the supply chain is likely to opti- mise that function at the expense of the perfor- mance of the whole chain. erefore, the first step in hiring a great supply chain manager is defining the role correctly. What Skills Does a Supply Chain Manager Need? Given that we have defined the supply chain manager's role broadly, they need to have a clear understanding of the overall supply chain. While their career pathway may have been through manufacturing, logistics, finance, or procurement, the supply chain manager needs to bring to the role a broad understanding of each element of the supply chain. In particu- lar, they need to understand the connections between different parts of the supply chain. For example, they need to understand why purchasing from the absolutely cheapest sup- plier may not be the overall lowest cost option to the business when supply chain risk and Feature Article by Timothy McLean TXM LEAN SOLUTIONS Building a competitive and reliable supply chain is a critical success factor for any manu- facturing business. is is especially true today, where we face constant volatility and disrup- tion across global supply chains. In this envi- ronment, effective supply chain leadership is more critical than ever. So, what makes a great supply chain manager? What is a Supply Chain Manager? To be able to hire a great supply chain man- ager, you must understand what that title means for your business. Over the years I have come across many individuals carrying the supply chain manager title who were focused on only part of the role. Oen supply chain managers are really procurement managers, warehousing and logistics managers, distribu- tion managers, manufacturing managers, or supply chain systems and planning managers. In fact, the whole point of having a supply chain manager is so that they can oversee the whole end-to-end supply chain from your sup- pliers—through every step of your manufactur- What Makes a Great Supply Chain Manager?

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