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46 SMT007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2021 Dieter the Friend e world was a small place for Dieter, one industry colleague told me, and in his travels around the world with Dieter, he was shown the joyful parts of business travel that many people miss. He opened doors to companies and people that respected him for his efforts and dedication. He was friend to all who knew him and never let an argument stand in the way of friendship or fellowship. Dieter had industry friends from everywhere on earth. Dieter and Food It needs to be said that Dieter could eat any- thing with zest. Even while singularly focused on business, he would also take the time to enjoy the variety of life. ose I spoke with recalled that Dieter's first rule of doing inter- national business was to eat the food that the host presented to you and enjoy it—even if you had to pretend. "Enjoy!" he would say. "Your host brought out their finest foods and delica- cies for you." Some of my favorite pictures of Dieter are from his international meetings enjoying sto- ries and laughing with his friends aer a long day of meetings. Dieter and Fishing In a family album I have a picture of Dieter with me as a 7-month-old. Dieter is introduc- ing me to a minnow bucket on a lake in upstate New York. Dieter would fish everywhere: blowfish and fluke in New Jersey, herring in Maine, marlin in Hawaii, cod in Copenhagen, walleye in Canada, dorado and wahoo in Mex- ico, sharks and barracuda in the Caribbean, grayling and Arctic char in the Arctic Circle. He was as happy catching a bluegill as he was catching a blue marlin. I was fortunate to be part of many of these trips for over 55 years. anks to Bob Neves, Doug Sober, Patty Goldman, and Mike Carano for sharing your respective memories and quotes. We miss him. SMT007 David Bergman is IPC vice president of International Relations. Always the avid fisherman, here's Dieter trying to win the Printed Circuit Industry Fishing Tournament with a few dorados. Enjoying stories with Matt Aoki, Toshiba Chemical.

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