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22 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2021 design integration is really the bomb. We all need to start using this. Later, we lost some great people in our indus- try—Dieter Bergman and Glenn Wells among them. Many others have retired or moved on to other ventures during the financial downturn. I'm now a certified instructor for the CID pro- gram and am more involved with standards. Also, I'm starting my new career path as a free- lance designer. Gary Ferrari is connecting me and the other instructors with EPTAC, and now I'm one of the CID/CID+ master instructors. at also includes being on the IPC Executive Board. We're rewriting the CID and CID+ to update some of the material and add in HDI and flex circuit design. I'm tasked with compiling the CID material. IPC wants us to do the exams online, but we haven't seen soware that will support that with the level of integrity we need. Someday it will happen. Star Date 2020 "One man cannot summon the future." —Spock "But one man can change the present!" —Kirk What a crazy decade this is. IPC is changing its focus for design and manufacturing educa- tion to the college level. We've seen the begin- ning of the Printed Circuit Engineering Associ- ation (PCEA) to support the professional engi- neers already in the workforce. e COVID- 19 pandemic is impacting the supply chain. Online webinars, magazines, and trainings are on demand everywhere. More companies are now okay with remote workers, and many even encourage it. Zoom is making a big impact. Global political upheaval is creating uncer- tainty with everyone. Electronic everything is being developed—from cars and airplanes to communication and space exploration. Design Figure 3: 1998–2008 era: wireless mouse and trackball.

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