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JULY 2021 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 83 Larry Palmer is a material lab tech at IBM Poughkeepsie. Jason Keeping works in corporate advanced process development at Celestica in Toronto, Canada. Mike Huang is with Wistron Corporation. Chen Xu is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Nokia. Marko Pudas is an IP manager, PCB-Technology at Picosun, Masala, Finland. Mei Ming Khaw is an engineering specialist at Keysight Technologies. Ruby Lin is a senior director of business development at Wistron Neweb Corp. Kok Lieh Tan is a material engineer at Keysight Technologies. Haley Fu is a director at iNEMI in Shanghai, China. Test," IPC 2018 APEX EXPO, 28 Feb to 1 Mar 2018, San Diego, CA, USA. 11. Singh P., L. Palmer, Fu H., D. Lee, J. Lee, K. Guo, J. Liu, S. Lee. G. Tong, C. Xu, "Round Robin Eval- uation of the iNEMI Creep Corrosion Qualification Test," IPC 2018 APEX EXPO, 28 Feb to 1 Mar 2018, San Diego, CA, USA. 12. Singh P., M. Fabry, W. B. Green, "Flowers of sulfur creep corrosion testing of populated circuit boards," Proc. IPC APEX EXPO, San Diego, CA, 13-16 Feb 2017. 13. Singh P., M. Cole, T. Kiraly, J. Tan, R. Ranga- raj, G. Wood, T. Chang, "Comparing Flowers of Sul- fur and Mixed Flowing Gas Creep Corrosion Testing of Printed Circuit Boards," SMTA Int'l, Rosemont, IL, Sept 2016. 14. Hindin B,. Private communication, Battelle Memorial Laboratory, Columbus, Ohio, USA. 15. Krumbein S.J., "Monitoring Environmental Tests by Coulometric Reduction of Metallic Control Coupons," J. of Testing and Evaluation, 17(6), 357- 367, 1989. Prabjit Singh is senior technical staff member (STSM), Metallurgical and Materials Engineering and Microelectronic Manufacturing, IBM Poughkeepsie. Hire or Be Hired at jobCONNECT007 Looking to make a job change, earn more money, or relocate? JobConnect007 is a fast-growing resource for industry professionals seeking new opportunities. Companies with names you will recognize are looking for you! Upload your resume directly from the "Apply Now" button in the job listing. Looking for talent? I-Connect007's Career Oppor- tunities section is also great place to find industry- experienced talent for your organization. Beginning this month, we begin publishing the jobConnect007 Career Guide with all our current listings in one spot for handy reference and for sharing with your friends and family. Download this month's guide.

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