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AUGUST 2021 I PCB007 MAGAZINE 9 try to embrace true DFM practices. Vince Mazur discusses why today's designers must design boards with the end-product in mind, and how DFM itself is evolving. Joe Clark, Rick Almeida and Max Clark point out the need for reluctant designers and fabricators to be open to changing their DFM processes. Chris Clark explains why flex designers and fabricators must work together as one solid team. We look at some of the results and com- ments from recent I-Connect007 DFM sur- veys. And Karel Tavernier discusses Ucam- co's recent move to add Mandarin notes to the Gerber job editor. e struggle for true DFM is likely to contin- ue, but early communication between design- ers and fabricators can lower the risk factor for both sides. As we've learned over the past cra- zy year and half, we're all in this together, and we can overcome most hurdles if we commu- nicate with each other. Speaking of communicating, try to get to a trade show or conference and talk to some of your designer customers. ere's no substitute for having a conversation in person. We'll be covering PCB West, PCB Carolina, and IPC APEX EXPO. I hope to see you there! PCB007 the CAM department will work its magic—be- cause the fabricators want to keep getting jobs from that customer. As we learn this month, because the fabrica- tors want to get the job, they wind up allow- ing designers to keep making the same DFM errors. It's a lot like an enabling relationship. I can imagine Dr. Phil looking at both parties and saying, "What on earth were you think- ing?" ere's room for improvement on the fab side. We hear one common cry from design- ers: Fabricators don't like to share their infor- mation. In recent Design007 surveys, PCB de- signers and design engineers complain that many fabricators will not share their technical capabilities with them. Some fabricators will direct designers to their website, but as one de- signer pointed out, "What does 'advanced' re- ally mean?" It turns out that DFM is actually a bi-direc- tional concept, which leads us to our August topic. is month, we asked a variety of con- tributors to turn DFM around. What does DFM mean from the point of view of the fabri- cator? Should PCB fabricators share more in- formation about their technology capabilities? What are the fabricators' responsibilities in this delicate dance? We kick off with an interview with CAM veterans Dana Korf and Mark ompson, who detail the current designer-fab relation- ship and what needs to happen for the indus- Andy Shaughnessy is managing editor of Design007 Magazine and co-managing editor for PCB007 Magazine. He has been covering PCB design for 20 years. He can be reached by clicking here.

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