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DECEMBER 2021 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 103 The term "additive elec- tronics" is a broad term in our industry. To many this suggests 3D print- ing and the processes used to form circuit patterns with these additive methods. To oth- ers, this term conjures the image of newer PCB fabrication techniques that use semi- additive PCB fabrication processes to realize line width and space below the traditional 75-micron (3 mil) capabilities that are typically seen with subtractive etch processing. The third chapter of this book, "Limitations of Today's Electronic System Design," focuses on the variety of limitations that today's electronics system designers face as data becomes ever more com- plex and the industry seeks alter- natives past Moore's law. During PCB West, Nolan Johnson met with Geof- frey Hazelett, VP of sales for Polar Instruments. He explained how the pan- demic actually helped Polar's R&D in the long run, and why the current parts shortages may offer a similar benefit for OEMs, who can now spend more time in what he calls "forced R&D." One of the biggest chal- lenges facing PCB design- ers is not understanding the cost drivers in the PCB manufacturing pro- cess. This article is the latest in a series that will discuss these cost drivers (from the PCB manufacturer's perspective) and the design decisions that will impact product reliability. Converting to Ger- ber is one way to perform a double check of your PCB design that can pre- answer questions from your manufac- turing partner and pre-solve problems with the boards themselves. At a small company, it's important to have rules and guidelines about man- aging documentation. In a startup environment, this type of work usually falls on engineers and the technolo- gists doing the actual testing. For the latest news and information, visit PCB Talk: Additive Electronics— Are You One of the Curious? Geoffrey Hazelett Anaya Vardya Polar Instruments: Pandemic and Parts Shortage Lead to More R&D Time Excerpt: The System Designer's Guide to… System Analysis, Chapter 3 Manage Your Data and Document Everything DFM 101: PCB Via Structures Connect the Dots: Finding Value in Gerber Files

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