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72 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2021 ized or focused in one area you are, the more difficult it will be to learn the opposite skill, but it is never impossible. As someone with an analytical background, I know that I am still learning in both of these areas and I find as a design becomes increas- ingly complex, I have a greater appreciation for the art of the creative process and the aesthetic of the design itself. Sometimes I am inspired by something in a design; a novel or creative solution that works outside the typical con- figurations to solve a difficult problem. Other times that inspiration comes from facing a new technical challenge and applying a different method to solve the madness. Shaughnessy: Your company's philosophy is "Design for the Future." Since this involves looking down the road at upcoming technol- ogy, how does art and/or science figure into your approach? Chester: Technology is becoming the center- piece of our lives more every day, from the phones in our pockets, to the smart systems in our homes, to the new electrified modes of transportation. In all of these areas we are seeing a blending of art and science—either to make those devices and/or technologies stand out and capture our attention, or to make them integrate seamlessly into our lives. My approach is focused on more of the science aspect of up-and-coming technology. Typi- cally, future tech is announced as specification details, but is normally rather light on the art side. e other unfortunate aspect is that the imaginative design or layout is covered by enclosures, heatsinks, components, or even simply the outer design layers of the PCB. Shaughnessy: Steve Jobs demanded that the inside of the device look as beautiful as the out- side. Do you think electronics designers and Ocelot DDR top layer.

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