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DECEMBER 2021 I PCB007 MAGAZINE 27 Johnson: Can we talk more about automation? Boureau: Today, the main direct-imaging man- ufacturers, are proposing equipment with automation, trying to meet the questions about productivity and reliability, as we do have two types of automation for the semi-automatic machine, which is made for boards. We have a very compact automatic system that is dedi- cated to small factories, for example, to be able to have night shis fully automatized with this system, when they have only a few workers in the factory. But, for larger companies, we also have devel- oped a full inline automation system around our equipment. is automated equipment is allowing us to load and unload the panels on from the machine, flip them, so that we can do side A and side B. Panels are coming from lam- ination to the chemical process through our direct imaging machine. Camus: I would also like to mention that some of our clients and prospects are concerned about the rising costs of the workforce in some countries, which is why they tend to be inter- ested in more automated solutions—to balance out these costs. It's an economic question. Johnson: at's a common theme throughout the industry. ere's the kind of development work that you are doing—especially for Europe and North America—and the availability of data. Now we're able to implement feedback and feed-forward loops on the manufacturing floor. With that, now you start to include solu- tions to alleviate the operator staffing short- ages everyone is facing. And that pushes you toward automation as well, creating this very automated, robotic, but reconfigurable, man- ufacturing environment. Looks like Altix is right in the middle of all of that. Well, with that gentleman, thank you for your time, this has been quite insightful. Boureau: You're welcome, thank you. Camus: ank you. PCB007 The Altix Adix PT/F is designed for high-mix, low- and medium-volume production.

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