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88 SMT007 MAGAZINE I FEBRUARY 2022 U.S. Market Première of Ventec aerolam Base Material Solutions for Aerospace & Defense Electronics E Ventec International Group Co., Ltd. recently premiered "aerolam" in the U.S. market. A base-material solutions set, aerolam is spe- cifically curated for the diverse and unique requirements of aerospace and defense appli- cations. James Webb Space Telescope en Route to Discover Origins of the Universe, Study Exoplanets E A joint program between NASA and its coun- terparts in Europe (ESA) and Canada (CSA), Webb will observe the beginnings of our Uni- verse by reaching back in time to just a few hundred million years aer the Big Bang. It will also observe exoplanets—planets outside the Solar System—that are comparable to our own. e ultimate aim of this successor to the iconic Hubble space telescope is to discover galaxies that reach back to the relative begin- nings of the Universe. Space Telescope Ushers in a New Age of Astronomy E A "game changing" new telescope was blasted into space on Christmas Day to embark on a lonely 1.5-million-kilometre orbit around the sun to provide a clearer view of the ever- expanding universe. NASA has successfully launched the James Webb space telescope into orbit, giving scientists the opportunity to peer back further into the universe's history than ever before. Defense Speak Interpreted: Who Won the Project Convergence War Game— Evil Chaos or JADC2? E I know you have been on the edge of your seats since my September column, "What Does Con- vergence Mean to Defense?" or back to my Feb- ruary column, "So, What's a JADC2?" While I tackled some other government defense top- ics, I realize I have le you hanging concern- ing the big interservice war game maneuvers, Project Convergence (PC), which tested out the information connection described in the JADC2 effort. Georgia Tech Leads Effort to Strengthen State's Defense Manufacturing Industry E Department of Defense grant enables col- laboration with Spelman College, Techni- cal College System of Georgia, and the Geor- gia Department of Economic Development in pilot project. IPC: Supply Chain Challenges Continue to Hamper Electronics Production E IPC's January 2022 Economic Outlook report finds that supply chain challenges remain acute and have improved little from the previous month. Shortages continue to hamper produc- tion levels and lead-times remain long. Nano Dimension Sells Another DragonFly IV 3D-AME System to Leading Western Defense Force E Nano Dimension Ltd. announced that it has sold another DragonFly IV 3D-AME printer and FLIGHT applications soware package to a leading Western defense force.

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