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FEBRUARY 2022 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 89 Moyer: Not really. I will honestly say that has not really come up as an issue. I guess I'm get- ting students from all walks of life, but I really haven't heard a lot of them saying, "Oh yes, I had to make a change of this, that, or the other thing." Most of them are usually pretty happy with where they're at. ey're just wanting to advance their careers. Matties: In terms of additive, is that going to be applied in the flex market as well? Moyer: It can be applied in the flex market as well, primarily in the rigid-flexes, just by the nature of how it's done. Most of the flexes are already very thin coppers to begin with, so the need to do the additive may or may not be there. I haven't seen a whole lot of trend that way yet. Matties: So when you talked about flex, what is the demand for knowledge in the flex arena? Moyer: Primarily what I'm getting is in the rigid-flex demand area, for example, where you're basically replacing all your traditional cables and wire harnesses with a piece of flex circuit connecting your two boards. It becomes one integrated assembly, which is then what we call flex to install where it's not a machine that's constantly moving and con- tinuously flexing. You're folding up all your individual board pieces into one shape, putting in your box and packaging it again to reduce your packaging, increase your density, and so on. Matties: What advice would you give some- body who is entering a design career today? Moyer: Number one, absolutely get familiar with the IPC standards. ose standards and methodologies will absolutely help you to be successful in creating boards that will not only meet your design needs, but will also be manu- facturable, reliable, and high quality. e type of courses we offer is definitely going to be a big help that way. Matties: Kris, what is your background?

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