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64 PCB007 MAGAZINE I FEBRUARY 2022 Foveros technologies to create the high-den- sity solution required for next-generation products. e best projections for the PCB fabrica- tion industry for the next five years are that the highest growth will be for high-density boards of HDI (6.8%) and chip substrates (9.7%) as seen in Table 4 from the IPC Report, "North American Advanced Packaging Eco- system Gap Assessment," available free from the IPC 8 . PCB007 References 1. Karl Dietz Tech Talk #187, "Wafer Bumping Tech- nology Choices," CircuiTree, December 2000. 2. Karl Dietz Tech Talk #173, "Blending IC Fab and Substrate Fab Processes," CircuiTree, February 2010. 3. "Innovative Panel Plating for Heterogeneous Integration," by Richard Boulanger, SMTA Pan Pacific Proceedings, Honolulu, Hawaii, 2019. 4. "The New Technology Solutions for Advanced SiP Devices," by Yongjai Seo, Semiconductor Engi- neering, October 2021. 5. "Novel Thin Copper Transfer Films for Fine Line Formation on PCB Substrates," by Hirohisa Nara- hashi, Transactions of the Japan Institute of Elec- tronics Packaging, Vol. 3, No.1, 2010. 6. IEEE Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap, Chapter 13, HIR 2020 version, pp 2-4. 7. IEEE Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap, Chapter 2, pp 10. 8. "North American Advanced Packaging Ecosys- tem Gap Assessment," by Matt Kelly and Jan Varda- man, IPC Report, November 2021, pp 115. Happy Holden has worked in printed circuit technology since 1970 with Hewlett-Packard, NanYa/Westwood, Merix, Foxconn and Gentex. He is currently a contributing technical editor with I-Connect007. To read past columns or to contact Holden, click here. Table 4: PCB production forecast by technology (Source: IPC- NA Adv Pkg Ecosystem Gap Analysis report 8 ) Figure 8: Intel's concept: EMIB and Foveros technologies combined to provide a high-density package for advanced computing and communications.

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