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MAY 2022 I PCB007 MAGAZINE 21 Roadmap of the Return on Investment Tools in the field, despite the novelty of this approach, have already demonstrated savings of 10% during the first year of introduction. Several factors will contribute to a continuous savings increase: • Healthy material suppliers' competition to increase sources and quality • Material demand increase leading to economy of scale on material production • Customer's learning curve to maximize the digital aspect of inkjet technology in combina- tion with the handler system • Availability of upgrades and options, both software and hardware, to improve throughput The target saving, per year, on operational expen- diture is above 30% when compared to curtain coat- ing and optical exposure. Additive Deposition, Selective Thickness Solder mask is applied only in areas where it is needed. Total material savings can exceed 80% compared to traditional processes. Solder mask is not deposited in drill holes. This is an advantage compared to present technologies, for which, after development, hardened solder mask (almost unre- movable by requirement) needs to be mechanically reworked or removed. In addition, to selectively place the solder mask on the required areas only, its deposited layer thickness can be tightly con- overseeing. e natural choice is to start with the ones that pay back the fastest. But that school of thought is very much going away. Customers want to know what the payback is, but what are the other factors to consider? When the answer is no longer being accessible to these customers, we may have to make these investments. Johnson: What I'm hearing is that the tradi- tional ROI model was built on the foundation of primary factors and, increasingly, your cus- tomers are thinking in terms of secondary and tertiary factors, about whether that investment brings them more business, improves their effi- ciencies, or gives them something else to mar- ket that's an intangible but which can contrib- ute to the return on investment. Medina: Exactly. If you think about things like measuring labor when it's not just the hourly wage, but it's the cost of benefits. Also, how do you run your line with chronic absenteeism? Matties: We certainly appreciate all your exper- tise, time, and attention today. Johnson: Yes, good conversation. anks, guys. Medina: You're welcome. PCB007 Figure 2: Thin/thick solder mask layer application. Both (a) and (b) illustrate the versatility of this additional feature. (Source: SÜSS) a b trolled. Functionalities that depend on the depos- ited amount of solder mask material can be matched by design for each location.

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