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MAY 2022 I PCB007 MAGAZINE 45 Johnson: It sounds like the key data point, then, for teaching a panel to handle it, is to simply identify the center. Siemering: Yes, and the end of arm tooling can be configured to pick up any size panel. One of the applications we were working on was 12 by 24 inches, but it was stainless steel that was 0.003" thick. Robinson: e thin stainless steel would have the tendency to sag in the middle, which could cause handling issues in the form of dents and creases. In that application, we just added extra suction grippers in the middle; instead of having a standard four suction grippers it has increased to eight to keep the material from any sag in the center. Johnson: I presume those extra four suction cups didn't hurt the application on more rigid materials either? Robinson: It certainly wouldn't, and it cer- tainly wouldn't hurt to have more suction cups. It's just a matter of whether it is needed or it's overkill. Shaughnessy: How does service and support fit into this equation? Siemering: at's one reason we wanted to partner with Chemcut, because they already have an established global service network. If you're in Washington or California, you buy a robot from us in New Hampshire and you can't figure something out, Chemcut's service team is all over the place. ey'll be able to help resolve the issue. Plus, this robot is small enough that if the problem just can't be rectified onsite, or there's a mechanical defect, we would just box up another robot, exchange them, and we figure out the issue back in our facility. Customers are more comfortable, though, when there's sup- port close by. Shaughnessy: Gentlemen, thanks for your time and insight. PCB007

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