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JUNE 2022 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 15 can build a rigid board approach- ing the size of a ping pong table. I don't know who else can do that. ese unique capabilities are why these are small, family- owned shops have so much value to the overall industry. Johnson: Jeff, what do you see from your perspective as the future of partnerships? Brandman: It seems like partner- ships will be more critical going forward. As technology develops, it's really hard for one company to own all the newest technologies. For things to move forward in our market, key partnerships where we're sharing technolo- gies, capabilities, and our niche will be critical to our combined success. Johnson: Just as Chris and Brigitte were talking about at the start of our conversation? Brandman: Yes. Kalmus: e key partnership is between a cus- tomer and a supplier over the entire manufac- turing chain. Lawrence: Yes. Kalmus: It's been rare to find companies that will do that. Although in the past couple of years, it's becoming more common Brandman: at's a good point. It's just like in my relationship with many of my customers, from a vendor-supplier-customer perspective. I find that, when fabricators and assemblers bring the laminate supplier like myself into their customer, into that conversation, where we can have a high-level technology conver- sation about the laminate and about the PCB and about the design, the rate in which my cus- tomers win those jobs is quite high. When they show the added value, and that they have a strong team behind their product from all their different suppliers, it goes a long way. Lawrence: What I've noticed is a little bit dif- ferent. I can have a very, very good relation- ship with my engineers, those who are design- ing the boards. en I turn them over to the materials suppliers because they frankly don't believe the lead times. I have no problem with the chemistries, but when it comes to the base materials, well, I'm late on two orders because the material hasn't been in, and I'm lucky if I will get it in six months. Johnson: at's the glamor of the printed cir- cuit board industry, right there. anks, every- body. I appreciate it. Beaulieu: ank you, Nolan. Appreciate it. ank you, guys. Brandman: anks for having me. Really appre- ciate it. Kalmus: ank you. Beaulieu: See you, Brigitte. See you, Chris. SMT007 Brigitte Lawrence—Owner/Operator, Brigitflex. Christopher Kalmus—President, Aurora Circuits. Jeff Brandman—President, Aismalibar North America. Dan Beaulieu—D.B. Management Group. All images courtesy of Brigitflex.

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