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40 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2022 Summit Interconnect Acquires Royal Circuit Solutions and Affiliates E e acquisition of Royal Circuit Solutions expands Summit's PCB offering in rigid, flex, rigid-flex and ATE PCBs, significantly strengthens engineering and service resources providing CAM, DFM/A, PCB design/lay- out, and also adds quick-turn, prototype SMT assembly services. EIPC Technical Snapshot: Supporting Autonomous Driving E EIPC's 17th Technical Snapshot webinar focused on developments in automotive elec- tronics, particularly on advances in the tech- nologies required to support the evolution of autonomous driving. PCB Technologies' InPack to Focus on Miniaturization, Packaging E PCB Technologies' Jeff De Serrano, Yaniv Maydar, and Alon Menache explain their plans to focus on advanced packaging, miniaturiza- tion, and other high-end technology, with much faster time to market, and they offer a view of the global market as well. Addressing the Gap in Process Performance E e first steps in process improvement are to determine what the gap is and why it happens. Having a process is not sufficient; the process needs to be effective as well. For those respon- sible for creating and maintaining processes, the ultimate goal is to create a procedure that becomes self-perpetuating, that seeps into the fabric of the company's culture. Additive Reality: Let's Drop a Line About PCB Cross Section E My article in the April 2022 issue of Design007 Magazine, t itled "Addit ive Manufac tur- ing Requires Additive Design Techniques," presented several cross sections of solder mask coated with an inkjet technology. The New Chapter: Prepping for an Internship? Three Tips to Shore Up Your Skills E When I first logged onto my computer in sum- mer 2021, I was beyond nervous. I had just accepted the role of corporate intern at Cater- pillar Inc. at first day made me realize that I wasn't expected to know everything. I was there to learn. Testing Todd: Optimize Your Training Time E Today's training has become an essential part of any operation, especially because most Quality Management Systems (QMS) require this. To be compliant with ISO9001 you must maintain a competence and training system. Happy's Tech Talk #7: Next Generation Application Specific Modules E In 1965, Gordon Moore predicted that the number of transistors that could be packaged into a square inch of space would double every year for the near future. Although his projec- tion was later revised to every 18 months, Moore's Law has withstood the test of time for five decades.

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