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68 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2022 In part one of this two-part series on sup- ply chain resilience, I'll first address the prob- lem being witnessed throughout the industry regarding supply chain disruptions and its neg- ative effects. For more than two years, supply chain issues have headlined the news, identifying a world- wide vulnerability magnified by the global pan- demic. is vulnerability had been problematic long before the pandemic, quietly growing, and ignored until the pandemic hit with full force. en, this sleeping dog raised its ugly head and now present worries in today's head- lines. From our local grocery and department stores to our local auto dealerships, empty shelves and empty car lots have been the nega- tive effect of sporadic supplies causing serious consequences and disruptions as we struggle to emerge from this pandemic. Within the electronics industry specifically, supply chain issues have become a major fac- tor that need to be addressed. It is one of the most concerning issues at hand as companies look for ways to move forward and get prod- ucts to market as quickly as possible. Unfor- tunately, the cost of doing business is higher than ever and increasing, and is influenced by a global electronics value chain already facing rapidly dynamic market forces that are being amplified by the pandemic and global chip shortages. e simultaneous collisions of today's rapid dynamic forces have created the perfect storm in the electronics industry. Sadly, there is no immediate end in sight, nor is there any tem- porary relief in the near future. If anything, there is real potential for matters to get worse, especially as an indirect result of the global eco- Supply Chain Resilience, Part One: The Supply Chain Problem Digital Transformation by Stephen V. Chavez, SIEMENS EDA Figure 1: Today's rapid dynamic forces.

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