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34 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2022 It goes without saying that bio-based coat- ings have significantly less impact on the envi- ronment and are better able to address the eth- ical and sustainability requirements of manu- facturers and end users than conventional solvent-based coatings. However, the most surprising benefits observed during the devel- opment of many new bio-based conformal coatings have been the significant improve- ments to performance and reliability. e bio-based material we've developed, for example, has shown improved condensation resistance, thermal stability, flexibility, and adhesion compared to many petrochemical- derived materials. is bio-coating has dis- tinguished itself as a top performer with the environmental credentials to match, making it a win-win solution. Making the switch to bio- coatings can also help manufacturers "future proof " their processes. For example, with all the new climate-change targets currently being suggested, including some environmen- tally conscious measures requiring manufac- turers to make drastic changes in just a couple years, those who have already transitioned to bio-based proportional alternatives will have a significant leg up on the competition. Let's examine why these conformal coatings, based on organic, renewable ingredients, can help manufacturers stay one step ahead with- out having to compromise performance. Here are two questions and answers to consider. Green Coats Are In Sensible Design by Saskia Hogan, ELECTROLUBE

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