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DECEMBER 2022 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 37 meeting the demanding requirements of auto- motive and aerospace applications, the high- performance levels of these materials make them a great choice for any application. ese products really come into their own whenever thermal shock cycling and condensation resis- tance are at play, though these are by no means the only failure mechanisms. As we all continue thinking about how we can revolutionize our processes to reach that "greener" future, consider how bio-coatings might benefit both your business and the envi- ronment—these materials may just be the solu- tion you've been looking for. DESIGN007 Saskia Hogan is global product manager, conformal coatings, at Electrolube. To read past columns from Electrolube, click here. Download your free copy of Electrolube's book, The Printed Circuit Assembler's Guide to… Conformal Coatings for Harsh Environ- ments, and watch the micro webinar series "Coatings Uncoated!" e secondary cure will also happen much faster, depending on the type of coating, the coating thickness, and the temperature; nor- mally, a secondary cure can be completed in 16 to 24 hours. e coated PCB can be handled and, in most cases, even assembled into an enclosure straight away. As there is no need for moisture, the enclosure can be closed without the worry that some areas have failed to cure. is is a huge advantage for customers, as it reduces or even diminishes the need for exces- sive buffer storage between production and assembly. is, together with a faster produc- tion process, means huge cost savings in pro- duction. With general manufacturing costs going through the roof, saving costs wherever possible has become a priority for many. Regardless of the cost-saving benefits, real progress means looking at how we can ensure that our products are environmentally friendly; the degree of performance improvement achieved with these innovative new coatings is only a small part of what makes them so excit- ing. Whilst the development focus for such materials has been very much geared toward Lam Research Corp. has completed the acquisi- tion of SEMSYSCO GmbH, a global provider of wet processing semiconductor equipment from Gruen- wald Equity and other investors. The acquisition of SEMSYSCO broadens Lam's packaging offerings, bringing a portfolio of innovative cleaning and plat- ing capabilities for chiplet-to-chiplet or chiplet-to- substrate heterogeneous integration. This includes support of fan-out panel-level packaging, a game- changing process in which chips or chiplets are cut from a large, rectangular substrate sheet sev- eral times the size of a traditional silicon wafer. This approach enables chipmakers to significantly increase yield and reduce waste. "Packaging plays an important role in extending Moore's Law and enabling future leadership prod- ucts with higher levels of system in package integra- tion. New substrate-based panel-level approaches are vital to cost-effectively realizing the high-per- formance chiplet-based solutions needed for the digital world," said Keyvan Esfarjani, chief global operations officer at Intel Corporation. "The strategic acquisition of SEMSYSCO furthers our commitment to help chipmakers address their emerging technology challenges, adding deep capabilities in advanced substrates and packag- ing processes," said Tim Archer, president and chief executive officer at Lam Research. "With innovative offerings and leading-edge research and development in packaging, Lam is well-posi- tioned to support our customers as they scale to future chiplet-based technologies." (Source: Lam Research) Lam Research Acquires SEMSYSCO to Advance Chip Packaging

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