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54 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2022 Interview by Nolan Johnson I-CONNECT007 Over the past five years, ICAPE Group has strongly focused on analyzing the complex needs of the market to provide worldwide solutions for customers whose needs range from simple to very complex technologies. e services provider has done this by putting offices in key strategic locations—particularly China—with staff that understand the nuances of language and culture. ese types of deci- sions make an important difference when it comes to getting customers exactly what, and when, they need it. Yann Duigou, CMO, and Bingling Li Sellam, VP of Northern Europe, share their secrets for success. Nolan Johnson: Yann and Bingling, what dynam- ics do you see in the market? Yann Duigou: We see that the electronics mar- ket is growing by about 12% per year, which is confirmed by the statistics we read in indus- try publications. e war in Ukraine has cre- ated a lot of issues with sea and air transport. is makes the market very difficult. ere's also a lack of components, as you know, and customers are always working on where to buy them. In fact, we just met with some customers today, trying to find brokers for components. All these elements are disrupting the markets. By the end of June, we saw our revenue increase by 50%. is organic growth was 15% higher because we bought some of our com- petitors, especially in Europe. Because we are seeing increasingly higher technologies, two years ago we created a small team especially for customers who ask for very complex tech- nologies you can't find in most factories. is team works with the customers, the factories, to find a technical solution. at's the real advantage of ICAPE Group. We know how to manage that for various types of technologies because customers ask us first to help them to buy in Asia. It's very difficult to buy in Asia and especially in China. Why is ICAPE: Solutions With No Limits

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