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DECEMBER 2022 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 81 In this wide-ranging interview, Dr. Eric Bogatin discusses the relationship between physics and electrical theory, and why it's critical for designers and design engineers to understand the laws of physics. As he points out, the math is important, but design- ers shouldn't let the principles of physics "hide behind the math." Eric discusses some points of physics that designers need to understand, the physics resources available, and why it's so important to have some understanding of Maxwell's equations, even if you don't have a strong math background. Are you trying to fit more high-power parts on your board, but can't find the proper heat management technique? With more high-power components there is a need for increased thermal manage- ment. When you've tried everything else and are still having trouble keeping your parts within proper operating tempera- ture, copper coin is one of the best ways to dissipate heat throughout your board. Lately, we've heard quite a few design experts say, "PCB design is all about the physics. Designers should focus more on understanding the laws of physics and less on circuit the- ory." While putting this issue together, we investi- gated potential cover ideas. "What if we had James Maxwell and Gordon Moore boxing on the cover, in a Faraday cage match? Let's get ready to rumble!" I was first introduced to James Maxwell in 1967 as a college student. I had to decide whether I would take the Maxwell fields course or the switching and coding course. Being a chemical engineering major with a co-major in control theory, I had heard about the tri- als and tribulations of the infamous Max- well fields course. Although it's been more years than I care to admit, I still remember very clearly the class on careers that I was required to take in junior high school. On a table in the front of the class were several boxes filled with all sorts of different job cards that a student would search through to learn about different professions. There are many reasons why a design may fail in the field. How painful would it be if it turned out that a catastrophic failure was caused by a one- cent part, such as an innocu- ous resistor that was stressed beyond its specified opera- tional parameters? For the latest news and information, visit The Shaughnessy Report: It's All About the Physics—or Is It? Fresh PCB Concepts: Copper Coin for Dissipating Heat The Physics of PCB Design All Systems Go: Auto- Detecting Over- and Under-Derated Parts My Experience With Maxwell Tim's Takeaways: What More Do We Need to Know?

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