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54 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2023 Feature Article by Ashutosh Mauskar CADENCE DESIGN SYSTEMS Technology has always invoked radical changes, but unlike today, there used to be one major revolutionizing technology trend at a time. e world is becoming increasingly connected, more automated and more intel- ligent, driven by generational drivers—hyper- scale computing, 5G, artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), industrial IoT (IIoT), and autonomous vehicles—which are invoking disruptive technological forces on vertical markets, unfolding varied levels of microelectronics and digital transformation across the globe. e increasing demand for miniaturization and higher speed is changing the dynamics of the semiconductor compo- nents needed to store and process data. With this augmented digital effect on our lives, the electronics market opportunities— and challenges—have also accelerated. As a primary catalyst for this breakthrough, the semiconductor industry is the most vital grow- ing segment, with a significant impact on busi- ness and society, and drawing attention from the public and government. Unlike investing the typical 10% of their revenues into CapEx, semiconductor companies are now investing more than 16%, which is higher than ever. Governments are now focusing on the stra- tegic significance and supply chain resilience of semiconductors, investing billions to ensure economic competitiveness and affirm their positions across the semiconductor value chain. Commercial best practices are increas- ingly adopted, including digital twins and co- design/co-optimization of hardware and so- ware to ensure that systems sophistication is on par with technological advances. e rising trend of innovative products, both household and consumer electronics that are intelligent, connected and voice-enabled, sup- Scaling Beyond Silicon

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